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Fulfilling enhanced location accuracy in the mass market through Initial Galileo Services

H2020 Project 776436
1 Nov. 2017 - 31 May 2020


  • Satellite Navigation (GNSS) positioning on your smartphone is, at best, to an accuracy of 5-10m dependent on your environment.  Imagine a time when your smartphone can deliver better than 50cm accuracy.  With thanks to Google opening up a GNSS raw measurement API on the Android Nougat/N OS, that time is now.

  • FLAMINGO shall facilitate and demonstrate the future of positioning in mass-market devices by producing a mechanism for high accuracy and reliable positioning and navigation, by exploiting the European satellite navigation Galileo system (E-GNSS) in consumer applications.

  • The overarching objectives of FLAMINGO are to develop and deliver high accuracy positioning and navigation services for mass market uptake, to demonstrate the potential by developing and showcasing ready to market applications on both smartphone and IoT devices within major European cities supporting European ambitions on Smart Cities and Communities, and to foster a new community of E-GNSS consumers and applications.



We will:​

Build the enabling infrastructure and services for high accuracy positioning

Demonstrate applications on smartphones and IoT devices

Teach, and assist with, the development of your applications that will be created by, or benefit from, FLAMINGO

The Team


FLAMINGO is a collaborative venture comprising:

  • Technology experts in the fields of GNSS hardware, software, and services, IoT, location based applications, positioning and navigation solutions and mobile devices.

  • Business experts with world leading insights into GNSS markets and business.

  • Renowned instructors, facilitators and influential speakers.

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Download the FLAMINGO Final Public Report

 FLAMINGO SDK Implementation Guide for developers

NSL recordered presentation of the FLAMINGO SDK

See the latest FLAMINGO video showcasing how easy is to implement  the FLAMINGO SDK within your applications!

FLAMINGO in a nutshell video

A newly published White Paper provides developers with in-depth information on accessing and using GNSS raw measurements with Android, to implement advanced GNSS techniques in mass-market devices. Click the link below to view the paper! 

The Google guide to using the GNSS Raw Measurement API and a list of smartphones that support the API. Click the link below to view the article!

NSL's article on the quality of data that can be obtained from the Xiaomi Mi-8, the first Smartphone enabled with dual frequency GNSS!



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