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The first FLAMINGO demonstration took place in Barcelona on the 26th of February


Rokubun organised the first FLAMINGO demonstration event in Barcelona on the 26th of February 2020. The event included an initial session to introduce the concept of “Accurate and affordable navigation for mass-market” and to present the FLAMINGO project followed by a live demonstration of precise navigation in smartphones powered by FLAMINGO.


After the demonstration, the attendees had the chance to chat about the demonstration outcome and the potential FLAMINGO enabled applications during a networking session. Attendees represented stakeholders from the main verticals that could potentially leverage the FLAMINGO solution: automotive, IOT, GNSS infrastructure management and academia.


The demonstration was based on experiencing a couple of Apps developed to showcase the potential of FLAMINGO: a route following and a surveying app. The demonstration environment was a challenging urban scenario, representative of Barcelona urbanism.


Street art painted in the street was used to assess, in real time, the positioning performance achieved by FLAMINGO during the demonstration. Sub-meter positioning performance was showcased comparing in real time the position estimate provided by FLAMINGO and the real position participants were standing at using the street paintings in the demonstration zone (see in the route following app screenshot the pink dot for the FLAMINGO position estimate while the demonstration phone operator was standing in “South America”).

The demonstration proved a clear FLAMINGO over-performance with respect to the standard solution provided by the smartphone.

Rokubun, the demonstration organiser, will be available for those stakeholders within Spain who wish to find out more about Flamingo (


We would like to thank the attendees and NSL as co-organisers to help us make the first FLAMINGO technology demonstration possible.

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