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The FLAMINGO IOT Demonstration was held in the Gdansk/Gdynia/Sopot Tricity in Poland between 4th and 7th of May 2020

Blue Dot Solutions' (BOT) role in FLAMINGO was to prepare an IoT device with a modern GNSS receiver and a webclient for data visualisation as well as all relevant firmware and software. This IoT system was tailored to the needs of public transportation in urban areas (both buses and trams). These vehicles sometimes operate in challenging conditions such as narrow streets, tight turns and limited space along stops. An IoT system with a suite of sensors can provide vital information about the movement of larger vehicles in urban conditions.

During the later stage of the project, Blue Dot Solutions team produced a small series of IoT devices. These devices were to be tested onboard a number of buses and trams operated by the city of Gdansk, Poland.


FLAMINGO IOT devices used in the Gdansk demo

Unfortunately, the COVID-19 lockdown cancelled these tests. As an alternative, private vehicles of Blue Dot Solutions team were used to demonstrate the created IoT system, together with FLAMINGO data processing capabilities and our webclient.

The results were very positive: at almost all time it was possible to determine on which line the vehicle was moving, even on very narrow roads. In such situations, the “traditional GPS” devices often cross roads, buildings or “jump” between positions with errors reaching as much as 75 meters. The IoT device created by Blue Dot Solutions during the FLAMINGO project kept positioning error well below 1 meter. 


Comparison-between-flamingo(green) and single-freq-GNSS(yellow). Error of up-to-75m

BOT webclient showing the test vehicles in the city

Although the FLAMINGO project has ended in May 2020, Blue Dot Solutions team will continue to test the IoT device. In addition, they are also available to provide devices for stakeholders interested in undertaking their own testing activities. If interested, please contact BOT via email at .

Blue Dot Solutions is a Polish space sector company, founded in 2014. The company realises projects in GNSS and Earth Observation (EO) domain, as well as provides analyses related to Polish and European space sectors. The company supports other startups via the Space3ac ( business acceleration programme. The objective of this accelerator is to link various industries with technological startups and open several market niches to new products and services.

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