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Telespazio France Demonstration has been replaced by an on-line event organized by the French cluster Aerospace Valley.

Considering the COVID-19 crisis and the lockdown strict restrictions started on March 17th 2020 in France and following the cancellation of the baseline event by Toulouse authorities, the Toulouse Demonstration has been changed into a remote event still keeping the same objective of promoting widely FLAMINGO and potentially engaging with early adopters.

TELESPAZIO leveraged its partnership with the Aerospace Valley cluster to organise a Webinar with the support of the innovation accelerator called The District. Aerospace Valley has currently 869 members in the fields of aeronautics, space and embedded systems, from both the industry and the academia, with companies going from flourishing start-ups to multinational groups.

The FLAMINGO Webinar took place on the 7th of May from 10AM to 11.30AM, using the GoToWebinar web-conferencing platform managed and operated by The District team. The objective was both to introduce the FLAMINGO service to a large community of potential users, and to offer free of charge temporary credentials to access the service as well as technical support to implement the FLAMINGO API.


The key messages were:

  • FLAMINGO improves the smartphone positioning accuracy

  • FLAMINGO is a service

  • FLAMINGO is implemented through a user-friendly API

  • FLAMINGO credentials are provided free of charge until end of May


The TELESPAZIO presenters were:

  • Laurent Arzel – TPZ Project lead

  • Valentin Barreau – TPZ Project technical lead

  • Axelle Pomies – Head of TPZ Navigation downstream department


The agenda has been tailored to maximise the impact of the key messages with three parts and a Q&A session:

  • Part 1: Project presentation and ambitions – Laurent Arzel

  • Part 2: Project technical aspects – Valentin Barreau

  • Q&A session – Axelle Pomies

  • Part 3: Practical presentation of how to implement the API and feedback from alpha testers – Valentin Barreau


The presentation was oriented towards developers or companies not familiar with GNSS, so that they can understand the GNSS concepts that we are dealing with in FLAMINGO and put them in perspective of what is available in a smartphone (type of position, raw measurements, dual-frequency, etc).

The presentation was well received by the audience. The clarity and the effort made to explain GNSS in FLAMINGO and the smartphones was very much appreciated. The audience asked many questions, mostly technical and related to the use of FLAMINGO:

  • What is the latency of FLAMINGO? Was it tested in real condition?

  • Is FLAMINGO an application that can provide position in other software (application such as google maps, web browser)?

  • Can FLAMINGO use several GNSS frequencies?

  • Is there a date planned for the release of PPP in FLAMINGO?

  • Do we have a list of the available RTK stations for FLAMINGO?

  • Does the proximity to the Base Station plays a role in the RTK performance?

  • What is the maturity of the FLAMINGO service?

The high number of questions shows the interest that the audience has for the FLAMINGO service and notably on the functioning of FLAMINGO.

Following the event, contact have been established with some of the participants to actually implement FLAMINGO SDK for dedicated applications, in particular in farming LBS.

View the FLAMINGO presentation:

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