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30 May, 2018

NSL launches a new free Android app as part of FLAMINGO – Discover rinexON

NSL is proud to announce the release of a new free Android application as part of the FLAMINGO initiative.

The application was launched at the GSA Raw Measurements Task Force Workshop “GNSS Raw Measurements: From research to commercial use” on the 30th of May where NSL also demonstrated the performance of the app through the use of various GNSS analysis techniques.

The app - rinex ON - utilises the measurements of the new Android Raw Measurements API to produce RINEX Observation and Navigation Message Files from the Android GNSS chipset. We also include several GNSS tools for use in the field, such as a satellite planner, NMEA log, satellite signal strength graphic and a performance display.

Rinex ON is the first app to provide a suite of tools designed as a template for the future amateur surveyor, where all they need is their smartphone.

They can even use a selfie stick to position the phone in hard to reach places, such as train tracks and above boulders, using the camera button to add a marker in the RINEX file.

The app will be updated as our understanding of the raw measurements API progresses, improving the positioning potential.

Google has announced many exciting new features in future API, including WiFi monitoring and dual frequency receiver measurements. NSL will incorporate these as new user tools in the app.

Get involved!

Download the app free of charge on the Google Apps Store, test it and share your feedback with us at

You can also read more about FLAMINGO at

Please note, the app has been designed to work with smartphones only listed in:

rinexon gnss
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