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The FLAMINGO IOT Demonstration will be held in the Gdansk/Gdynia/Sopot Tricity in Poland, dates are TBC

Blue Dot Solutions (BOT), one of the FLAMINGO IOT partners, is ongoing final preparations for the first FLAMINGO IOT system demonstration. 

The demonstration is organised in partnership with GAiT (Gdansk Buses and Trams company) which is the main bus and tram operator in the city. GAiT operates a vast network comprising of buses (single-section and articulated types) as well as trams in the Gdańsk municipal area making it thus the largest public transportation company in the Pomeranian Voivodeship.


Example of GAiT trams used in the demo

Installation team.jpg

BOT team testing FLAMINGO on board on test bus

The demonstration will involve the installation of 14 FLAMINGO-enabled IOT devices on board of vehicles. These devices will collect precise positioning data which will then be fed into a BOT provided frontend allowing real-time data visualisation and analysis for GAiT operators. The IOT devices were designed, produced and tested by the BOT team. The current size of each IOT prototype device is similar to one quarter of a typical shoe box. Any follow-on market versions of the FLAMINGO IOT device will be significantly smaller allowing more broadly mounting options inside the vehicle compartments. 

The highly precise positioning engine, capable of operation in urban environment provided by FLAMINGO and with support of the local reference station for real time kinematics will be used in conjunction with embedded sensors to provide precise information about the vehicle acceleration and orientation. All acquired data will be used to provide insights into the conditions on the road / tram tracks, of the road/ tram track itself and many other features. 

Supporting server infrastructure provided by BOT will also be used to collect and store incoming data for offline analysis that could provide more information about dynamically changing state of the public transport network. The frontend is planned to be also capable of presenting archived data upon query to visualise registered tracking along with sensor readings. 

In order to achieve high reliability and fast data exchange required by the FLAMINGO system, each IOT platform has been equipped with high-speed LTE 4G modems.


FLAMINGO IOT devices to be used in the Gdansk demo

Get in touch with the BOT team at to find out more about FLAMINGO IOT and the demonstration event.

Blue Dot Solutions is a Polish space sector company, founded in 2014. The company realises projects in GNSS and Earth Observation (EO) domain, as well as provides analyses related to Polish and European space sectors. The company supports other startups via the Space3ac ( business acceleration programme. The objective of this accelerator is to link various industries with technological startups and open several market niches to new products and services.

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